What is Auto Bond Sealant?

Auto Bond Sealant is a molecular structure that is applied to both the inside and outside of your vehicle protecting the interior and exterior from damaging elements. The outside treatment covers your vehicle to prevent love bug damage, tree sap, acid rain, water spotting, and paint fading of the vehicle. The inside protection covers any type of liquid spills that may occur. If any liquid is spilled on the seats, mats, or interior of the vehicle, the liquid will bead up, and can be easily wiped off. Auto Bond Sealant will help your interior and exterior look brand new, which will help maintain additional resale value just based on its appearance. For more information view contract details.

What should I use to wash my car?

With Auto Bond Sealant interior and exterior protection, you can use both mild car wash soap and touchless automatic car washes.

Exterior Protection

Protect your exterior appearance from paint damaging elements.

Interior Protection

Protect your interior by remaining free from stains and temperature damage.

Value Protection

Helps maintain resale value for when it’s time to sell or trade your vehicle.

Warranty Available

Five and three year warranty coverage options are available for your vehicle.

No Additional Waxing

No more need to manually apply wax to your vehicle. Get up to five years of protection.

Temperature Protection

Protects the inside temperature of your vehicle from the intense outside temperature.


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